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Summer Acting

Lil' Stars



Session 1: June 8 - 28, $61

Session 2: July 13 - Aug. 3, $61

Entering Grades 1-4

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Students will explore more deeply how they can bring out our emotions with different situations, stimulation, and memories. They will play active games that help to bring out and focus their energy, while also creating the feel of an ensemble. They will begin using text to create theatrical performances. Students will also begin work on acting for commercials and TV, seeing where the differences are between commercial and theatrical acting.

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Musical Theatre Camp

July 14-16



Entering Grades 2-7

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Has your energetic & dramatic child been stuck inside for too long? Musical Theatre Camp at BCS is the answer!  Students will become more expressive performers, while blending acting, singing, and dancing techniques.  Camp ends with a short performance on the last day!

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Scene Stealers



Session 1: June 6 - 27, $61

Session 2: July 11 - Aug. 1, $61

Entering Grades 5-8

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This class for young actors will introduce them to many elements needed to pursue acting as a profession, as well as steal any scene!  Students will use creative thinking, enhance their imaginations, work together, expand their knowledge of story structures, and increase their communication and expression.  Scene Stealers will dive into the elements of theatre, as well as commercial acting, allowing the students experience with creating plays, character development, and on-camera work.

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Private Lessons

Drop-in: $36

4 weeks: $144

Contact us for availability!

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Private acting lessons are conducted in half-hour sessions, and are tailored to the student’s specific needs.  Whether it’s monologue coaching, audition techniques, or learning general knowledge of the biz, our experienced instructors will bring out the best in your acting skills!

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