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Beyond Barriers

Express Yourself

Beyond Barriers™ is a program designed for individuals of all ages who have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. It gives students, who may not feel comfortable in a traditional dance class, the opportunity to express themselves through movement.


The program is under the direction of certified special education teacher and BCS Company Director,  Ms. Jen Dolson.  Ms. Jen conceived the idea of offering a special class addressing the individual needs of students who have a desire to participate in a group dance environment, but may require specially adapted choreography.


Senior dancers, who have specialized training, will offer one-on-one assistance to dancers who require additional attention.  A variety of dance styles and music will provide students with a rich, artistic experience, while encouraging social interaction. The primary goal of the program is for students to have fun dancing in their own, unique ways.


Tuesdays, 4:10-5:00 pm

Studio 3

Ms. Jen.jpg


Jennifer Nesbitt

Ms. Jen has been dancing for over twenty years.  She was a competitive dancer in a variety of dance styles, and continued to dance throughout college.  She has been a dance instructor for ten years, and has also been working with people with disabilities for most of her life.  Ms. Jen was a personal service worker, choreographer, and dance instructor for an inclusive musical theater program, and has since earned her B.S. in Special Education.  Ms. Jen is also ISBE certified with her LBS1 endorsement.  She has always wanted to incorporate her passion for dance with her love of teaching special education, and she conceived the Beyond Barriers program as the perfect way to share her love of dance with everyone.  Ms. Jen is so excited to be directing the Beyond Barriers program at BCS! 

Our Guarantee

At BCS, we are dedicated to seeing progress and results in each student.  New students may enroll risk-free for 30 days, and if you're not completely happy, you may withdraw without 30 days' notice. 

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