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Voice Lessons

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The Vocal Method™ at BCS provides classical training with a modern approach.  Students experience a combination of technique training, music theory, ear training, and literature, creating well-rounded and confident singers.  With a solid technical base, many students see improvement in their tone, resonance, and pitch after the very first lesson!     

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Program Structure


Students begin each lesson with a vocal health test, and a review of exercises from the previous lesson.  Approximately 15-20 minutes per half hour lesson are devoted to vocal exercises.  Specialized Vocal Method™ exercises are used to develop a proper balance of air and muscle, release tension, blend the vocal registers, and train the vocal mechanism for proper vocal fold adduction.

Music Theory & Ear-Training

Every student will work out of a music theory workbook, in addition to sight-singing, and ear-training with intervals, scales, 7th chords, and more!

Literature & Performance

Instructors will work together with each student to select appropriate pieces for their vocal abilities and needs.  Students will have the opportunity to perform in our end-of-year recitals as well!


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2021-2022 Session:
1/2-hour lesson: 9 installments of $120
1-hour lesson: 9 installments of $228
1.5-hour lesson: 9 installments of $336
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Beyond Center Stage is a results-driven studio.  We are committed to the progress of each of our students!  Fitting into a new studio and seeing the results you want takes time, and it's not something that can be accomplished in one or two lessons.  At BCS, we want to attract families who are truly committed to performing arts training, and who seek the highest quality instruction.  By enrolling and diving into your experience at BCS, you'll get the best sense of what it means to become a part of our community, and you'll start seeing the results you want from your private lessons!