Group Classes


Visit our website and create an account to enroll in group classes. Enrolled students are committed to the entire session, and an annual $30 registration fee is required at the time of registration. Parents are to notify the office if their child has any injuries or illness of which the parent feels we should be aware. Students who do not wish to participate in a recital or performance should notify the office immediately upon registration to avoid additional fees.

Class Placement

Dance students ages 18 mo-7 years should enroll in the class that suits their age group. Placement in our dance technique classes for students ages 8 and up is by skill level. Please contact us to be appropriately placed into a dance class level. During the first few weeks of classes, instructors may recommend a different level. Acting students should enroll into the class that suits their age group. Depending on enrollment, it may be necessary that dance technique levels are combined. Instructors are subject to change.

Class Procedures

Students should store any personal items in the dressing rooms. Boys may keep a bag with them. Once the studio door is opened, students should enter for class. Students should not wait in the dressing rooms or waiting area for teachers or assistants to tell them that class is starting. All students should use the restroom prior to the start of class to avoid class disturbance. Dance classes that incorporate multiple genres (Tip, Tap, Tumble™, Tip & Tap™) will allow time for students to change shoes and minimal attire during class. Dance instructors may dismiss students up to 2 minutes early to allow students to change for back-to-back classes.


For the safety of our students, admission into pointe classes is by instructor discretion ONLY. Contact us with any questions regarding admission into the pointe program. Pointe students are also required to be enrolled in a ballet class.

Drop-in Classes

Drop-ins are a great way to gain extra training to supplement existing classes. Students may drop into participating group classes at anytime by enrolling online. Drop-in classes are paid per class, and must be paid online in advance. Drop-in dance students should also take note of the studio dress code. Drop-in students are not allowed to participate in the recitals unless they switch to ”enrolled” status by the enrollment deadline. Students who enroll after dropping into a class will pay a prorated tuition. Drop-in class payments may not be used to credit class tuition.


BCS requires a doctor’s note for all students reporting an injury. If a student is injured and not able to continue in a group class (out for four weeks or more), the student’s account will be prorated for the amount of weeks for which he/she attended, and a refund will be issued for any overpayment within 30 days. Refunds are not issued for costumes that have already been ordered. For short-term injuries, students should watch class and provide a doctor’s note when they are ready to begin participating. Refunds and credits are not provided for short-term injuries of three weeks or less.

Parent Viewing

Studio doors remain closed during all classes. Parents may view classes on the TV monitor in the back waiting area, or through a viewing window, at the instructor’s discretion. It is not recommended that parents accompany their child into the class, as it may cause the student or class to become distracted. Dance Bright™ classes may allow parents viewing opportunities every few weeks.

Enrollment Details

Students may enroll at any time, and will pay a prorated rate. The enrollment deadline for performance participation is January 19, 2020. Students may enroll after this date, but they will be unable to participate in the end-of-year performances.


All absences must be reported to the BCS office, or through the customer portal. For the students’ safety, a student who arrives more than 10 minutes late to a group class may be asked to observe the class only. Parents will be addressed if a student is consistently tardy. Students are not permitted to miss more than 3 classes per semester. Students who miss 3 classes will be required to purchase a private lesson to catch up on materials and technique. Students may make up any of their missed classes in a class of the same level or lower. To schedule a student into a make up class, stop into the BCS office. Classes do not need to be of the same style, however Ballet must be made up in a Ballet class. Students who accrue four absences in a row will be dropped from classes.

Dress Code

Students will not be allowed to participate in group classes without proper attire, no exceptions. Dance students may be required to purchase tights, leotards, bun kits, etc. if they are not prepared for class. Students who arrive to class out of dress code will be sent to the BCS Boutique to purchase proper attire for class. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DRESS CODE.


Students enrolled in Intro, Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced Lyrical or Jazz are also required to be enrolled in a ballet class. Contact the BCS office for proper placement into a technique level.

Private Lessons

Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons are perfect for serious students who are able to commit to a half-hour or hour-long private lesson each week for the session. Enrolling in a weekly lesson means that you have a “reserved” lesson spot each week. Students may enroll at any time, but once enrolled, they are committed for the remainder of our session, which runs from September to May.

How to Enroll

Visit our website and create an account to enroll in private lessons. Be sure to specify the type of private lesson you would like, if the instructor teaches more than one discipline. Enrolled students are committed to the entire session, and an annual $30 registration fee is required at the time of registration. Parents are to notify the office if their child has any injuries or illness of which the parent feels we should be aware. Students who do not wish to participate in a recital or performance should notify the office upon registration to avoid additional fees.

Enrollment Deadlines

Students may enroll at any time, and will pay a prorated rate. Dance students and high school music students who would like to perform a solo in the recital or gala must be enrolled for the entire session. The enrollment deadline for Music & Theatre Showcase participation is January 19, 2020. Students may enroll after this date, but they will be unable to participate in the recitals.

Conflicts of Interest

Students who are enrolled in private lessons will not be allowed to take the same type of lesson from a teacher at a different studio. Teaching methods and philosophies may vary greatly from studio to studio, and may hinder, rather than help, a students’ progress.

Student Absences

All absences should be reported by contacting the BCS office or reporting the absence through the customer portal at least 24 hours before the start of the scheduled lesson. Students who accrue three absences per 16 weeks of lessons will not be allowed to participate in the recitals. Students who accrue four absences in a row will be dropped from their private lesson spot, with no refund. No refunds or credits will be issued for any student absences.

Make Up Lessons

Music and Acting students are allowed one make-up lesson per 16 weeks of lessons for excused absences. Students who are absent from a makeup lesson will not get another opportunity to make it up. Due to studio & instructor availability, dance students are not allowed to make up missed private lessons. Make-up lessons do not accrue or transfer between semesters or sessions. Lessons that are rescheduled outside of an instructor’s normal teaching times are equivalent to a cancelation and make up lesson. To schedule a make-up lesson, call or stop into the BCS office.

Instructor/Weather Cancelations

If a lesson must be canceled by an instructor, or a lesson in canceled due to weather, the lesson will be made up outside of the instructor’s normal teaching hours. If the instructor and/or student is not able to make up the lesson within 30 days of the cancelation, the student will receive a credit for the missed lesson. Extra make up lessons will not be granted to compensate for instructor cancelations.

Drop-in Lessons

If you would like a specialized lesson to work on an audition or to supplement your training, drop-in lessons are a great option. To participate in a drop-in lesson, create a customer portal account through our website, and click on “register for classes.” Find the private lesson teacher, time, and day you would like, then select the dates you would like to drop in. Lessons must be paid in advance, and will not be scheduled until payment is received. Drop-in students are not allowed to participate in performances unless they switch to”enrolled” status by the enrollment deadline. Students who enroll after dropping into a lesson will pay a prorated tuition. Drop-in lesson payments may not be used to credit tuition. There are no refunds for missed drop-in lessons, and no make-up lessons. Registration fee does not apply.

Recitals & Fees

Recital Handbooks

Handbooks for the Music & Theatre Showcase, Gala, and Performing Arts Recital will be available in class files in the customer portal, as well as on the BCS website. Handbooks will also be emailed to all recital participants in March.

Opting Out

Recitals at BCS are not mandatory, but are encouraged. To opt out of performances, please contact our office upon registration, or notate under “additional data” on your online registration form.

Enrollment Deadlines

The enrollment deadline for all performance participation is January 19, 2020. Students may enroll after this date, but they will be unable to participate in the Showcase, Gala, or Recitals.

Dance Costumes, Hair & Makeup

Dance students participating in the Performing Arts Recitals and/or Gala will be measured for costumes in class, and will receive their costumes near the start of second semester. Costumes are not custom made, and may require additional alterations. They should immediately be inspected to ensure proper fit and inclusion of all costume pieces. Parents will be required to check all costumes and sign them out from the BCS office before taking them home. BCS will be unable to obtain missing costume pieces for costumes if we are notified after March 1st. Students are required to wear recital hair & makeup as indicated on the BCS website for all dress rehearsals and performances.

Dance Costume Fees & Shoes

Costumes are non-returnable and non-refundable. Costume fees are due with the November tuition payment. Pre-Ballet and Intro classes are $60, and Tip, Tap, Tumble™ and Tip & Tap™ are $120 (includes 2 costumes). All other recital classes have a fee of $70 per costume, except Hip Hop which has a $40 fee. Costumes will not be ordered until payment is received, and a rush fee of $40 will be charged for costumes that are paid late. Costume fees do not include shoes, tights, or jewelry. Jazz and Hip Hop classes may require the purchase of alternative shoes for the recital. Classes that require tan jazz shoes must purchase shoes through the BCS office for consistency of color. Company students should see the Company Handbook for separate Company costume pricing.

Acting Class Supplies/Costumes

Some acting and/or musical theatre classes may require use of costumes, props, or additional supplies for rehearsals and performances. A $25 supply fee will be due upon registration for each acting student participating in performances.

Rehearsals & Attendance

Attendance in classes and lessons is mandatory for the week leading up to a recital or performance. Dress rehearsal is mandatory for all students participating in the Performing Arts Recitals. Students with an unexcused absence during the mandatory attendance week or dress rehearsals will not be permitted to participate in the performances.

Tuition & Withdrawals

Not Included in Tuition

Not included are required clothing items, costumes, recital tickets, method and/or theory books, class supplies, additional private lessons, and competition fees/transportation costs.

Payment Options

Beyond Center Stage allows for two payment options: • Payment in full (due at the time of registration) • 9 payments due on the 15th of each month, Sept-May (Auto-Pay via credit/debit card, or bank account)

How Tuition is Calculated

For enrolled students, tuition is calculated based on a full-year session of 32 weeks. Many Dance Bright™ classes, Ballet/Pointe classes, Beyond Barriers™, and Tap are charged a flat rate. Tuition for all other group classes and private lessons is calculated by how many hours in which a student is enrolled. For monthly installments, BCS splits payments for 32 weeks of classes/lessons evenly over 9 payments. Each payment does not equate to 4 weeks of tuition.

Late Enrollments

Students who enroll after the session has already begun will pay a prorated tuition. Registration fee and 1st prorated payment are due at the time of enrollment.


BCS offers a 10% discount on tuition for the 2nd and each subsequent sibling in a family.

Late Fees & Returned Checks

Return check fee: $25. Late Tuition fee: $20, applied after 7 days of overdue tuition, and additionally applied every 30 days a balance remains overdue. Costume payment late fee for rush orders: $40.

Overdue Balances

If tuition becomes 7 days overdue, student attendance is suspended until tuition is paid. All missed classes/lessons count as an absence during this suspension period. A $20 late fee will be applied. Students with a tuition payment that is overdue for 15 days will be dropped from classes & lessons, and an invoice will be mailed for the amount due.


Beyond Center Stage is a private organization, and rates are subject to change.

Withdrawal Procedure

Guarantee: For all new students, BCS offers a no-risk 30-day guarantee. Students may enroll for 30 days, and if they are not entirely happy, they may withdraw from the studio with no penalty. Class/Lesson Transfers: There is no penalty for transferring to a different class of the same length, or transferring a private lesson to an alternative instructor. Transfers must be competed before January 20, 2020 for classes participating in the recital. Class/Lesson Withdrawals: For students who wish to withdraw from a certain class or lesson but remain an active enrolled student at BCS, there is a $10 withdrawal fee per class or lesson. This does not apply to new students in their first 30 days of enrollment. Studio Withdrawals: If a student wishes to leave the studio due to dissatisfaction or a new scheduling conflict, a parent (or student, if over 18) must submit a withdrawal form through our website, or by stopping into our main office. Withdrawal forms must be received 30 days prior to the withdrawal date. A student will not be withdrawn from the studio until a withdrawal form has been received, completed in full. Final prorated tuition will be charged upon the withdrawal notice. No refunds or credits are given for costume payments. This policy does not apply for new students within their first 30 days of enrollment. Recital Classes: Out of fairness and respect for other students participating in end-of-year performances, no withdrawals will be granted after January 20, 2020 for any classes that are participating in performances.

General Policies

Student Behavior

Students are to address the instructors as “Ms.” or “Mr.” followed by their first names. Respect for the instructors is expected and enforced. Students should be prepared to accept constructive criticism from their instructors in order to gain proper correction and further their progress and arts education. Any behavioral problems may result in dismissal from a lesson or session with no refund. Students should also use the restroom prior to the start of classes or lessons to reduce interruptions and distractions. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated in any of the waiting areas, and may result in student dismissal from the studio.

Music Lesson Materials

Students are required to bring any and all sheet music and theory homework given to them by an instructor to each lesson. Some music students may be required to purchase additional materials, such as method books, or music theory workbooks. Students who misplace their printed music will be emailed digital copies only.


Students are expected to practice outside of lesson times. Students should see their instructors if they are not sure how often to practice, or if they need additional materials to aid their practice. No student is permitted to use the lesson rooms or dance studios to practice without permission from an instructor.

Personal Items

Cell phones and other electronic devices must be silenced upon entering the building. All personal items must be put away before a private lesson. The lost and found is located in the lesson room hallway. Items in the lost and found will be discarded or donated on the 1st of each month. No gum chewing or food is allowed in the dance studios, lesson rooms, or dressing rooms and only water may be permitted in a closed container.

Photo & Video

Beyond Center Stage LLC reserves the right to use any student images or videos acquired during lessons or performances for promotional and/or marketing purposes. If you would prefer your child not to be photographed or videotaped, please contact the BCS office.

Pick-up/Drop-off & Child Supervision

For the safety of students, parents may drop students off no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of their class or lesson. Students must be picked up immediately following their class or lesson. Non-enrolled students are only allowed to wait in the front waiting room area. As our staff is unable to watch young children between classes and lessons, children should not be left unattended. Students who cause a disturbance in the hallways, waiting rooms or restrooms will be asked to leave the studio, and may be removed from performances. Parents who fail to pick up their children immediately after class three times in one session will be charged a $15 fee.

Weather/Emergency Cancelations

In case of inclement weather, BCS usually coincides with the decisions of School District 205 (Elmhurst). Lessons and acting classes that are missed due to inclement weather will be rescheduled during our make up weeks. Dance classes that are missed may also be made up in different class of the same level or below. Make ups can be scheduled by contacting the BCS office. BCS does not offer refunds for classes canceled due to inclement weather. BCS reserves the right to hold classes or lessons even if District 205 cancels classes or activities.


BCS primarily uses email & text to communicate with parents and students. If you opt out of receiving BCS emails & texts, you may miss communications regarding cancelations due to weather, recital reminders, etc. Parents and students are encouraged to add “no-reply@dancestudio-pro.com” to their list of contacts.

Student Health

BCS encourages students to be healthy and to treat their bodies with respect. Dancers especially extend their bodies to extremes in terms of flexibility and strength, so it is important that each dancer maintains a healthy weight for his/her frame. A body that is malnourished or fed unhealthy foods will not allow the dancer, musician, or actor to perform to the best of his/her ability. Unhealthy vocal and postural habits (screaming, shouting, slouching, etc.) can cause musicians and actors to develop injuries that may result in vocal/physical therapy, or a necessary break from performing or training. Unhealthy eating habits can cause dancers to sustain injuries, as well as damage to muscles and internal organs. Any student who feels as though he/she is struggling with an eating disorder should talk to a parent, doctor, instructor, or other trusted adult. BCS instructors stress proper eating, practicing, and technique habits to allow students to grow and thrive in all areas of the arts.

Have questions about our policies for dance classes, private music lessons, or acting classes?  Contact us!