a pre - professional dance program

To the Edge

Are you a serious dancer who is ready for more challenging training?  The EDGE program at BCS is a pre-professional program for students in grades K and up who desire serious technical training.  Age is not taken into consideration when placing students in a level; placement is done solely from evaluation and criteria in the syllabus.  Students should expect to stay in each level of training for approximately 2-3 years.  An audition is required for entry into the EDGE program.  Contact us to schedule your audition!  Students auditioning for a dance team may use their audition as a placement evaluation. 


3 ballet classes per week are required for all students enrolling in Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, or PBT.  Uniforms are also required.  Students who are accepted in the EDGE program should have a positive, self-motivating attitude, and should expect to be corrected and challenged in each class.         

Make it happen!


Session Dates

September 7, 2021-May 28, 2022

Studio Closed:

Sept 6

Nov 22-28

Dec 21-Jan 9

(make ups Jan 3-8 if needed)

Mar 28-Apr 3

Performing Arts Recitals:

June 4, 2022  11:00am & 3:00pm



Can I try a class?

Beyond Center Stage is a results-driven studio.  We are committed to the progress of each of our students!  Fitting into a new studio and seeing the results you want takes time, and it's not something that can be accomplished in one or two classes or lessons.  At BCS, we want to attract families who are truly committed to performing arts training, and who seek the highest quality instruction.  By enrolling and diving into your experience at BCS, you'll get the best sense of what it means to become a part of our community, and you'll start seeing the results you want! 

Our Guarantee

At BCS, we are dedicated to seeing progress and results in each student.  New students may enroll risk-free for 30 days, and if you're not completely happy, you may withdraw with no withdrawal fee.  We will also refund any applicable costume fees before February 1st.