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Wind instrument lessons help students develop musicianship, technical skills, break control, and discipline!  BCS offers lessons in flute, clarinet, and saxophone, and tailors lessons to the needs and abilities of each student. 

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Saxophone Class


September 14, 2020 - May 28, 2021

Studio Closed:

Nov. 23-29

Dec. 21- Jan. 1

Mar 29 - Apr 4

May 29-30

Music Student Recital:

May 15, 2021  2:00pm

Performing Arts Recital:

June 4, 2021  7:00pm



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Ms. Sara, studio owner
Ms. Sara
voice, piano, flute

Program Structure

Technique: Students will work out of a Standard of Excellence method book, focusing on fingerings, rhythm, embouchure, articulation, and breath support. 

Music Theory: Students will be given assignments in note-reading, rhythm, articulation, musicality, and ear training, to develop a well-rounded education.

Literature & Performance: Wind students will have the opportunity to explore various styles, as well as work on a piece for one of our end-of-year performances!


Weekly Lessons

Weekly lessons are perfect for serious students who are able to commit to a half-hour or hour-long private lesson each week for the session. Enrolling in a weekly lesson means that you have a “reserved” lesson spot each week. Students may enroll at any time, but once enrolled, they are committed for the remainder of our session, which runs from September to May.

How to Enroll

Visit our website and create an account to enroll in private lessons. Be sure to specify the type of private lesson you would like, if the instructor teaches more than one discipline. Enrolled students are committed to the entire session, and an annual $30 registration fee is required at the time of registration. Parents are to notify the office if their child has any injuries or illness of which the parent feels we should be aware. Students who do not wish to participate in a recital or performance should notify the office upon registration to avoid additional fees.

Enrollment Deadlines

Students may enroll at any time, and will pay a prorated rate. High school students who would like to perform a solo in the recital or gala must be enrolled for the entire session. The enrollment deadline for the Music Student Recital participation is January 20, 2019. Students may enroll after this date, but they will be unable to participate in the recitals.

Conflicts of Interest

Students who are enrolled in private lessons will not be allowed to take the same type of lesson from a teacher at a different studio. Teaching methods and philosophies may vary greatly from studio to studio, and may hinder, rather than help, a students’ progress.

Student Absences

All absences should be reported by calling or emailing the BCS office, or submitting through the customer portal at least 24 hours before the start of the scheduled lesson. Students who accrue three absences per 16 weeks of lessons will not be allowed to participate in the recitals. Students who accrue four absences in a row will be dropped from their private lesson spot, with no refund. No refunds or credits will be issued for any student absences.

Make Up Lessons

Music students are allowed one make-up lesson per 16 weeks of lessons for excused absences. Students who are absent from a makeup lesson will not get another opportunity to make it up. Make-up lessons do not accrue or transfer between semesters or sessions. Lessons that are rescheduled outside of an instructor’s normal teaching times are equivalent to a cancelation and make up lesson. To schedule a make-up lesson, call or stop into the BCS office.

Instructor Absences/Weather

If a lesson must be canceled by an instructor or studio, the lesson will be made up outside of the instructor’s normal teaching hours. If the instructor and/or student is not able to make up the lesson within 30 days of the cancelation, the student will receive a credit for the missed lesson. Extra make up lessons will not be granted to compensate for instructor cancelations.

Drop-in Lessons

If you would like a specialized lesson to work on an audition or to supplement your training, drop-in lessons are a great option. To participate in a drop-in lesson, create a customer portal account through our website, and click on “register for classes.” Find the private lesson teacher, time, and day you would like, then select the dates you would like to drop in. Lessons must be paid in advance, and will not be scheduled until payment is received. Drop-in students are not allowed to participate in performances unless they switch to”enrolled” status by the enrollment deadline. Students who enroll after dropping into a lesson will pay a prorated tuition. Drop-in lesson payments may not be used to credit tuition. There are no refunds for missed drop-in lessons, and no make-up lessons. Registration fee does not apply.


Summer 2021 session: varies based on instructor

32 week session

1/2 hour lesson: 9 installments of $114

1 hr. lesson: 9 installments of $216.60

  • 10% discount for 2nd child, and each subsequent children

  • Installments are due on the 15th of each month, Sept-May.  Tuition will be prorated for students who begin after the session has started.


Can I try a lesson?

Beyond Center Stage is a results-driven studio.  We are committed to the progress of each of our students!  Fitting into a new studio and seeing the results you want takes time, and it's not something that can be accomplished in one or two lessons.  At BCS, we want to attract families who are truly committed to performing arts training, and who seek the highest quality instruction.  By fully enrolling and diving into your experience at BCS, you'll get the best sense of what it means to become a part of our community, and you'll start seeing the results you want! 

Flute Player

Our Guarantee

At BCS, we are dedicated to seeing progress and results in each student.  Enroll risk-free for 30 days, and if you're not completely happy, you may withdraw with no penalty.