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About BCS


At BCS, we are committed to the training of each student who comes through our doors.  We strive to alter the view of performing arts as necessary skills, instead of simply "extra activities."   We desire for each of our students to feel valued, important, and accepted.  While experiencing a high level of professionalism in our staff, programs, and processes, students will see the highest level of quality training and growth.  BCS is a results-focused academy, but we also hope to instill confidence and motivation in our students as they learn to be empowered and take risks.  Even the youngest students can do amazing things, and we don't put limits on what any student can achieve!  


Academy Structure

Our academy is structured in two sessions: 9 months from September to May, and 3 months from June to August.  Students are enrolled for the full school year session, however if a conflict arises, you are welcome to request an account freeze, or to withdraw before the 1st of the next month.  The first semester focuses solely on expanding technique and student growth, while the second semester adds literature and performance.  Our summer session is reserved for intensives, private lessons, and fun camps!  


When to Join

We recommend that students begin training over the summer, or at the beginning of the school year, however you may enroll at any time!  The cut-off date for recital participation is February 1st, but we welcome new students all year round.  For students who wish to begin our EDGE program in the 2nd semester, please call us to schedule a placement exam.


BCS makes its home in a 10,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility featuring:

  • 4 studios with sprung marley flooring to prevent injuries

  • tumbling room with tumbletrak carpet-bonded foam flooring

  • 60-seat blackbox theater

  • student warm-up room with sprung marley flooring

  • 4 music lesson rooms

  • study room for homework

  • girls & boys locker rooms

  • family dressing room

  • cafeteria with full kitchen & vending

  • play room

  • BCS Boutique

  • large waiting room with TVs for observing classes 

piano lesson recital

Not sure where to start?  We understand.  Every student has different needs! We are dedicated to placing each student into the correct level or private lesson to ensure they see results.  Get in touch with us, and we'll help you find the right options for you! 

Our Guarantee

At BCS, we are dedicated to seeing progress and results in each student.  New students may enroll risk-free for 30 days, and if you're not completely happy, you may withdraw without 30 days' notice. 

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My daughter loves going to ballet class! I can't wait to see her progress over the years. Teachers and Staff are very friendly and welcoming. We look forward to many more seasons at BCS!


dance parent


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Ready to begin your performing arts journey?


We are proud to have many top teaching professionals, working actors, musicians, and choreographers as part of our team at BCS!  Our staff works with students of all ages and abilities, continuing to challenge and encourage them as they grow.  Click below to take a closer look at what makes these members of the BCS family so unique!   

Free Student Bonus!

Claim your free copy of the Student Health Guide now!

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